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VIDEO: Breaking Down What Nene Brings To The Washington Wizards

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Our next installment of the Bullets Forever YouTube channel is our first installment of something we're going to call "Bullets Forever Breakdown," which is essentially the "Wizards Clipboard" feature in video form. Thanks to the fine folks at and SB Nation Studios, we were able to get some video to break down just what new center Nene will bring to the table with the Wizards.

Make the jump to check out the video.

Here are the major takeaways from the clips.

  • On offense, Nene is not a classic post-up center, but he's very mobile and versatile, able to execute dribble hand-offs and pick and rolls better than most big men. That versatility should do wonders for John Wall. Nene immediately becomes the best screen-setter and second-best decision maker (arguably the best depending on how you view Wall) on the team.
  • On defense, Nene's not a shot-blocker, but he's very good at using his body to push bigger post players out of position.
Ultimately, if JaVale McGee was all style and no substance, Nene is mostly substance and not much style. You couldn't have crafted two more polar opposites.

(Note: I said the Nuggets' perimeter player in the first clip was Danilo Gallinari, but it's actually Rudy Fernandez. I caught that too late, so unfortunately, the voiceover is wrong. My apologies).

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