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Washington Wizards Injury Updates: Andray Blatche To Return Saturday, Nick Young Likely Out

Some really brief notes from practice, thanks to Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner:

  • It looks like Andray Blatche will indeed play on Saturday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, provided he doesn't experience any pain on Saturday. Randy Wittman said that even if he plays, it'll be in spot minutes.
  • Blatche dropped some cliches on the idea that he could be traded, saying in a round-about way that he just wants to play.
  • Nick Young also talked about how he lost his starting spot, along with JaVale McGee. His response was more diplomatic, though it should be noted that Young is the ultimate public diplomat in interviews. He hasn't practiced all week, though, due to a "twisted right knee." There's no structural damage, but it looks like he won't play Saturday.
  • This cracked me up: "By the way, it's easy to tell when Vesely hits a jumper - assistant coach Gene Banks immediately starts clapping." Positive reinforcement, y'all.
Should be an interesting Saturday. I wonder how many boos Blatche will get when he comes in off the bench.