Trade Deadline Rosterbation Thread - summary after the jump

This is the place for your trade deadline ideas from now to the 15th at 3:00 P.M. Bring up trade machine and get moving. Here's one-ish to get you started:

I've been keeping an eye on Ekpe Udoh (easier when you live in Phoenix, I guess) and I've liked the guy for a while. Any trade with the Warriors for JaVale McGee needs to bring back more than Udoh, though. My original thought was our lottery pick (top 3/5 protected) and JVM for Udoh and Stephen Curry. That said, I prefer jeffco1's notion, sending JVM and Chris Singleton, with Mike's caveat that we get back Ekpe Udoh instead of Dorell Wright as well as Klay Thompson. SF is still a major position of need...but what else is new?

Don't forget your trusty gadget: THE TRADE MACHINE!, set to open in a new window for your ALT-TAB'ing convenience

Trade 1: Wizards send Javale McGee and Chris Singleton to the Warriors for Ekpe Udoh and Klay Thompson

Trade 1a: Wizards send Javale McGee, Chris Singleton, Roger Mason Jr./Shelvin Mack and our top 3/5 protected pick for Ekpe Udoh and Stephen Curry (RMJ/SM thrown in to appease Trade Machine)

Rec it up to keep it up top and cry 'Havoc!' But keep it cordial!

Oh, and I poked my head in at Golden State of Mind to get their thoughts, swing by if you got a moment and play nice!

Rook/Trade 1b: Javale McGee to the Warriors for Klay Thompson

Trade Machine Verdict: Works

Unselds Trade: A late 1st round pick (I am aware we don't have one) for Michael Beasley

Trade Machine Verdict: Says the Wiz have $1.7 mil in cap room and the Beas' cap number is $6.2 mil, not workable unless we add in assets or Andray Blatche which probably breaks the deal one way or another

Alpha_Snail Trade: JaVale McGee to the Hawks for Josh Smith

Trade Machine Verdict: Toss in Andray Blatche and this works

GoWizGo Trade: Ronny Turiaf to the Nuggets for Chris Anderson

Trade Machine Verdict: Works

Golden State TBagger Trade: Monta Ellis and Nick Young (flexible) to the Pacers | Danny Granger, Andray Blatche and Javale McGee to the Warriors | Ekpe Udoh, Dorell Wright and Andris Biedrins to the Wiz

Trade Machine Verdict: Works

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