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Gilbert Arenas Nears NBA Return

(SB Nation, Andrew Sharp) Gilbert Arenas has spent the entire NBA season as unsigned free agent, and after briefly flirting with the Lakers, it appears he's finally ready to sign. With the Memphis Grizzlies, not the Lakers. The Memphis Commercial-Appeal broke the news Monday afternoon.

According to the report, the team worked out Arenas Monday morning, and after an impressive showing from the ex-Wizards and Warriors star, the team is moving forward and is ready to sign him. He'll take a physical on Tuesday, and after that, the Grizzlies should be clear to sign him for the rest of the 2012 season.

Memphis has battled injuries so far this season, but with a healthy Zach Randolph to go with Marc Gasol up front, the core of last year's playoff Cinderellas remains in tact. Arenas adds a spectacular wild card off the bench, then, which may not make Memphis into a title contender, but should certainly make things more fun.

The NBA would never, ever allow a reality show with Tony Allen, Zach Randolph, and Gilbert Arenas, but it would be truly historic stuff. For now, we'll wait for the physical Tuesday and see if the dream comes to fruition.