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Nene Update: New Wizards' Big Man Won't Play Until Wednesday

Several people have reported this, but I don't see it on this site yet, so I figure it's worth pointing out. We'll cite CSN Washington's Chris Miller with the news that Nene's debut won't come until Wednesday.

If Nene fails his physical for some reason, the trade will be revoked. I doubt that happens, but hey, you never know.

It does seem like a pretty long turnaround for a trade. If Nene passes the physical, it'll be six days between the trade being completed and him making his Wizards debut. Then again, what's the rush, really? This gives us a good chance to see Kevin Seraphin more, and it's not like having Nene is necessary for a playoff run. If losses result, at least that improves the team's lottery position.

All this is to say that I have no objections to slowing Nene's debut down. He is under contract for four more years, after all.