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Wizards vs. Hawks Recap: Tired Minds and Tired Legs Lead To Wizards 102-88 Loss


For a moment the it appeared that the Wizards were going to remain competitive with the Hawks throughout the night. However, the toll of four games in five nights on the road, 20 turnovers and generally lethargic play ultimately proved to be Washington's undoing. Too many defensive lapses, too many fast breaks for the Hawks, just too much in general. That and a heavy dose of Joe Johnson.

The usual suspects that we expect to show did so as both John Wall and Trevor Booker had decent if uninspiring games. Roger Mason continues to carve out his role as the microwave off the bench, which would be great if he wasn't likely gone at year's end. The floor spacing was still as good as it was last night, however the Wizards kept settling for long twos because they just didn't have the legs.

All in all, not much to learn for tonight other than the Wizards could use the day of rest and the arrival of their Brazilian reinforcements. They will need all the help they can get against a rugged Memphis team on Sunday