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Nick Young, JaVale McGee Traded For Nene, Brian Cook In Three-Team Deal

I'm sorry, I'm going to need to take a minute to process this one. The Washington Wizards have acquired Nene, Brian Cook, a first-round pick and a second-round pick in a three-team deal with the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers for Nick Young and JaVale McGee, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

The first-round pick will come from the Clippers, while the second-round pick will come from the Clippers. Michael Lee adds that Ronny Turiaf will also be heading to Denver.

UPDATE: No first-round pick, I don't think.

What do I think of this trade? Honestly, I have no idea. On the surface, this feels like a really good trade for the Wizards in dealing two impending free agents for an all-star quality center. That's all I've got for now. One way or another, the Wizards certainly decided to make something out of their unique situation.