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NBA Trade Rumors: Washington Wizards 'Expect' To Make Move, Looking For Starter For JaVale McGee

We have about 50 minutes before the 3 p.m. NBA trade deadline, and the Washington Wizards still want to make a move, reports Michael Lee of the Washington Post. Lee was told by a source that knows the Wizards' POV that he "expects" to have something done in the next 50 minutes.

What is that something? We'll see. Perhaps it'll involve JaVale McGee, who the Wizards are still looking to move. Lee reports that the Wizards want an NBA starter back for him, but are having issues matching salary.

According to a rival executive, the Wizards are open to moving McGee but encountering problems because of the difficulty in matching up salaries to make a deal. McGee makes just $2.5 million this season and the Wizards have few big money contracts outside of the salaries for Rashard Lewis, Andray Blatche and possibly Ronny Turiaf.

(Here's a tip, guys: try looking for fellow rookie-contract players).

Meanwhile, the Wizards have seemingly given up trading Andray Blatche, according to Lee. Lee reports that teams aren't even bothering to listen to pitches for him.

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