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VIDEO: John Wall Discusses John Calipari To Wizards, Says He's 'Happy' With Coaching Staff

Just a quick hit here, but Washington Wizards guard John Wall spoke to Hoopsworld prior to a game on the team's West coast road trip. The topic of college coach John Calipari was the subject, and at the very end of the video, Wall was asked if he would be cool with having Calipari as his coach again.

"It'd be great to have him as a coach again, but I think he loves it at UK and I'd be surprised if he left. I'm happy with the coaching staff I have right now," Wall said.

Kind of a non-answer, but that's to be expected. The reason the question was asked is that's David Aldridge, among other people, threw out the idea of Calipari coaching the Wizards next year. Here's a transcript of Aldridge's ESPN 980 appearance, via Dan Steinberg:

"I think - I KNOW - John wants very badly to get back in the NBA, and he wants to win a national championship too," Aldridge said. "And so if he wins the national championship here, his work is done....

"And if you've given John Wall the keys to the car, and said you're my guy, you're in charge of this franchise, then I think to get the most out of John Wall, you bring in the guy that got him. Just a thought. No inside information. But just a thought."