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NBA Trade Deadline Rumors: Wizards Unable To Find Deal For Andray Blatche

(SB Nation DC, Samuel Chamberlain) The NBA trade deadline is less than 24 hours away, and the Washington Wizards are still trying to deal Andray Blatche, but they're not finding many potential takers, according to a report by Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

"Dray won't be moved due to a lack of interest," one person with knowledge of the situation said on Wednesday. According to an report, the Wizards tried to pair JaVale McGee with Blatche to get teams to budge, but the same source said that package "doesn't get it done."

Another person with knowledge of the Wizards' thinking wasn't ready to give up on Blatche being dealt, saying that whether or not he can be moved "remains to be seen."

Lee also reports that JaVale McGee and Nick Young have also been mentioned in trade rumors, with the Wizards debating whether to hold on to McGee through the summer or deal him at the deadline. McGee's camp 'disputed' an earlier ESPN report that he's seeking $14 million annually next year.

As for Young, Lee reports that Young would have to void his "Bird Rights" in any free agent deal that he signs this summer. That would preclude Young moving to the Los Angeles Clippers without his consent, as had been rumored earlier this week.

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