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John Wall Missed Assist Tracker Update: Wizards Teammates Converting More Chances


It's been four games since the John Wall Missed Assist Tracker has been updated, and in those four games, something interesting has happened. Recently, it seems as if Wall's teammates are actually converting on the opportunities presented to them.

Take a look at the numbers below the jump.


Over the past four games, Wall's teammates have converted 33 of his 59 assist opportunities, good for nearly 56 percent. For some perspective, Wall has only had over 56 percent of his assist opportunities converted in a game eight times all year. Three of those eight times have come in the last four games.

Here's how each game broke down:

Los Angeles Lakers (9 assists)

  • Spot-up: 1 (JaVale McGee)
  • Pick and roll, roll man: 0
  • Off cut/screen/handoff: 4 (Jordan Crawford three times, Nick Young once)
  • Transition: 2 (Crawford both times)
  • TOTAL: 7

Portland Trail Blazers (8 assists)

  • Spot-up: 2 (Crawford, McGee)
  • Pick and roll, roll man: 1 (McGee)
  • Off cut/screen/handoff: 2 (Young, McGee)
  • Transition: 0
  • TOTAL: 5

San Antonio Spurs (6 assists)

  • Spot-up: 2 (Crawford, Young)
  • Pick and roll, roll man: 4 (all Trevor Booker)
  • Off cut/screen/handoff: 0
  • Transition: 1 (McGee, in the play where Wall rifled it off his face).
  • TOTAL: 7

Dallas Mavericks (10 assists)

  • Spot-up: 4. (Singleton, Andray Blatche, Young, McGee).
  • Pick and roll, roll man: 0.
  • Off cut/screen/handoff: 1 (Crawford)
  • Transition: 2 (Crawford both times).
  • TOTAL: 7
On the year, Wall has seen 45.1 percent of his assists converted. He has a total of 322 assists on 714 chances, and he averages 17.4 assist opportunities created per game. As you can see, he didn't hit his average in any of these four games.