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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Ernie Grunfeld Holding The Line (For Now)

Disgruntled superstars and their uncertain futures with the teams that drafted them have dominated headlines over the past few years like JaVale McGee dominated Wesley Matthews many moons ago. When considering the present and future state of the team we love, it is impossible to examine the tensions surrounding the team without casting a worrisome eye towards our franchise player. Facing the heat of uncertainty surrounding slow-developing assets and a poorly constructed roster while laboring under the cloud of an expiring contract, Ernie Grunfeld may very well be looking to hit a home run; but he isn't blinking yet.

Now, at this stage we're just starting to see the flop and like Mike said re: the Nick Young rumor, the opening bets are the gimmees. The pick-and-a-prospect phase was supposed to be well over at this point, but if a soon-to-be-UFA nets us Eric Bledsoe and a future 1st, who am I to complain? There are two ways to look at how EG has approached the trade deadline thus far.

Same Ol', Same Ol'

If the pick-and-a-prospect gambit has shown it's face again, can horning in on a trade for table scraps be far behind? This is likely an extremely unsatisfying scenario for those monitoring the state of the team. Is addition by subtraction a la dumping Andray Blatche for someone else's dead weight anything but change for change's sake? Of course, it's not like our roster provides enough leverage to dictate terms to a prospective trading partner but if there was ever a time to squeeze a drop of water from a rock, this is it.

The Scapegoats Three?

The time of the Three Amigos may be at an end in DC. All the rumors I'm hearing with real sources have some combination of JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche and Nick Young with any player not named John Wall available for the right offer. Isn't this exactly what we have endlessly repeated since drafting Wall in 2010? The last holdovers from the pre-Wall era will be gone and if Ernie is able to move Nick Young for value and dump Dray's deal without hamstringing the club in one way or another, can an extension be far behind? I don't think that will be enough, as Dray is a mess of Ernie's own making. However, if Ernie can get enough perceived value from dealing JaVale, Ted might happily eat Andray's deal via amnesty if the new look Wiz seem likely to entice a free agent.

My money's on no action again unless that Clippers rumor takes on some real mojo. No action is especially likely if a rumored ORL-GS-NO deal comes to fruition. It looks like another snack or famine deadline for the Wiz. If the right deal isn't made available, Ernie will stand pat...of course, that's been the knock on him from the beginning.