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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Nick Young Generates Interest From Clippers, According To Report

The NBA trade deadline is in three days, which means we'll probably see a lot of rumors like the one Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN Los Angeles put out just now about the Los Angeles Clippers.

While the Clippers have inquired about the availability of several "available" shooting guards after the season-ending injury to Chauncey Billups, they are reluctant to pay too steep a price unless they can find a deal that moves them closer to contending for a title this year and in the future, general manager Neil Olshey told


The price for the top shooting guards being mentioned in trade talks this spring -- Boston's Ray Allen, Portland's Jamal Crawford and Washington's Nick Young -- has so far been too high for the Clippers. Most teams have asked for some combination of young point guard Eric Bledsoe, a future first-round pick and the expiring contracts of Randy Foye or Brian Cook.

I have no clue what the Wizards are actually asking for in a trade for Young, but if that stance is the one they're taking, it's appropriate, even though Young is a free agent after the year. Might as well ask for a lot at this stage. Personally, I'd settle for the future first and Cook and call it a day, but you don't want to make that your first offer.

(Also, keep in mind that because Young is on the qualifying offer, he has the power to veto any trade. I doubt he'd veto a deal to the Clippers, but it's worth remembering).

The trade rumor that actually intrigued me more came over the weekend, via Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio.

Now, keep in mind: Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beach Journal reported that the Cavaliers called the Hornets about doing this a couple months ago and got turned down. First-round picks are worth more this year because the draft is deep, so I'd be surprised if the Hornets were really open to this. Still, I think this is a call the Wizards should at least make, offering some combination of Rashard Lewis, Ronny Turiaf and a spare young player. Okafor is expensive, but if his health checks out (a big if), he's more than serviceable in the middle and can hold down the position for a couple years.

General reminder about this time of year: believe everything; believe nothing.