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Magic Vs. Wizards Quotes: Trevor Booker Compares Dwight Howard To An SUV

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WASHINGTON -- Here are your postgame quotes from the Washington Wizards' 102-95 loss to the Orlando Magic last night.


On the small lineup to end the game: "It's a tough group. Chris gives us a little better floor spacing, because of his ability to shoot it as well as now with a slower, bigger guy running at him, he can put it on the floor and get by moreso than he has been able to do at the 3. With Book, Dwight couldn't move him. Size differential hurt us on a couple rebound situations, but hey, Book fought him as hard as anyone we had tonight."

On JaVale McGee and Nick Young:"It's tough. Right now, I got to get them to play at their levels. That's what I'm trying to do. There's nothing more than that. I had to reward those guys that dang near pulled off the game for us last night. I talked to the two guys today before the game, and I said to them, 'I got to get you guys back to playing the way you can.' How long that'll take, we'll see."


On the lineup changes: "That's been there all year long. We've known that we've had to give more effort, and I think over the last two games, we've inserted veteran players and certain players who have been in the mix. I think we have a newfound sense of urgency in order to salvage the season in any way we had."


On his game: "I would like to have a chance to be on the floor, but I wasn't, so I had to make with what was given to me."

On if he understands Randy Wittman's message to him: "I can't say I do, but I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later."

On his frustration upon being pulled in the fourth quarter: "Just frustration because of losing and because of not being able to play. It wasn't really anything I said." -on frustration in 4th after being taking out.


On his altercation with Jason Richardson: "I mean, he came in pretty strong. But you know me, I'm not backing down."

On what they said after the fact: "He was just saying he didn't mean anything by it. He just wanted me to calm down a little bit and we settled it."

On why Richardson may have been mad: "He reached at me and I think my leg caught him, kicked him off and he fell."

On guarding Dwight Howard: "I thought moving him would be a lot easier, but it's kind of like moving a car. Like an SUV."

On what he'd tell Young and McGee: "Just keep working. Don't get down. Play your game, just go out there and play hard, and your minutes will come."


On whether his approach changes starting or coming off the bench: "No, not at all. I got kind of comfortable doing what I do off the bench. I just wanted to bring what I did coming off the bench into the starting lineup."


(Note: Wall had a little ice thing on his pinky finger. He said he dislocated it in Portland and is playing through it, getting treatment before and after every game).

On what Crawford and Kevin Seraphin add to the lineup: "Jordan, he does a good job, and he's just finding his rhythm. When he gets going, he can score in various ways, and that's helping our team out, like when he got us the lead in the third quarter. Kevin, he's finding his role on defense, stopping guys when we need him to, doing a good job on the pick and roll and rebounding."

On what has changed with his jump shot: "I'm shooting the way I'm supposed to and not fading away too much. If I fade away, I hold my follow through. I just have confidence in it; usually, I miss a couple, and then I get down. Also, I'm taking easier shots instead of taking tougher shots."