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Washington Wizards Fall To Toronto Raptors: I Blame the 3D Baseboards

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Items which the Washington Wizards were not allowed to bring through Canadian customs

1. The ability to grab the orange spherical object;

2. The desire to consistently keep moving through their offensive sets;

3. The intelligence to stop Jose Calderon from initiating another pick and roll;

4. Their recognizance that the only thing Linas Kleiza has ever been able to do is shoot the three;

5. Their hearts.

I think we are well past the point of pointing fingers at who is responsible for the mess that we currently find ourselves in as a franchise and I'm running out of humorous ways to describe what was another poor performance from the team tonight. Two things are immediately apparent, the first is that this team is not prepared on a day in day out basis to come out compete against other NBA squads. I can tolerate getting blown out by elite teams, I can even tolerate getting blown out by veteran teams like the Magic, but to lose to a Raptors team that is missing their best player and to be outrebounded by a nearly two to one margin before garbage time is unacceptable. John Wall last season kept repeating the mantra after losses that the team didn't "have no heart and it didn't have no fight." Well tonight is Exhibit A in the fact that the Wizards waltzed into the Air Canada Center and expected to get a win, and got pounded down by a team that for all intents and purposes is inferior talent wise, but obviously dedicates the time to learn offensive sets and run a passable pick and roll.

The second thing is that we are now 25 games into the season, and the starters still like a group of guys who just met in the rec league. Their seems to be little to no trust in the starting unit, and whoever is inserted into that unit seems to immediately contract the deadly disease of "standing around and looking disinterested."

I don't want to take anything away from the Raptors, as they executed their offensive gameplan perfectly, and worked the Wizards over on the defensive end to the point where the Wizards basically cried out "no mas" and settled for crappy jumpers and ill-advised threes.

Something needs to change. This isn't about "trusting the process" or "allowing the players to gel." What we have is group of players who have no ideas what their roles are and a centerpiece who might be quickly becoming perturbed that there doesn't seem to be any help on the way. We have a gunner who the team lowballed and is basically getting run out of town, as well as a center whose erratic play makes it almost impossible to be able to give a ballpark estimate on what fair recompense is. We don't have a Ricky Rubio or a Jonas Valanciunas stashed overseas ready to ride in and save us.

This is what we have. And currently, what we have doesn't play very well together.