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Links: Randy Wittman's Accountability Is Working

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There's already been a lot of content on the site today, and we've already seen the Raptors, so in lieu of a "Meet The Opponent" post, here are a few links.

  • I've been pleasantly surprised with Randy Wittman's dedication to holding players accountable for their mistakes. The lines on Flip Saunders and Andray Blatche in here are things that I noticed happening too. Nice piece. [Washington Post]
  • Given what Ted Leonsis and Wittman have said about the officiating, is there any legitimacy to their point of view that the Wizards get the short end of the stick? [Washington Examiner | Wizards Insider]
  • Speaking of Leonsis ... a good, balanced story by the Washington Post comes out on Wizards season tickets, and Leonsis responds with some ... uh ... interesting comments. [Ted's Take]
  • Dan Steinberg responds to Leonsis' comments. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Luke Russert, who was singled out by Leonsis, does the same. [TBD]
  • Really interesting look at how teams are using more video to compensate for less practice time. Would love to know where Wittman stands on this spectrum. I know Saunders was a big video proponent. []
  • The Wizards have a charge board (pictured in the second link), and John Wall is very much in the lead. Players talk about the issue in link 1, and there's more on the theory of having it in link 2. [Capital Games | Truth About It]
  • Blake Griffin says he won't defend his dunk contest title. JaVale, this is your opening! [SB Nation]
  • Speaking of JaVale, here's a look at his new shoe line by PEAK. [PEAK Sneakers]
  • Nice scouting report of Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb. [SB Nation]
  • I answer a few Wizards questions for Raptors HQ.