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John Wall Missed Assist Tracker Update: Lots Of Assist, Lots Of Missed Ones Vs. Bucks

John Wall had 15 assists in the Washington Wizards' one-point loss to the Milwaukee Bucks last night, and just based on watching, there were probably several assists he didn't necessarily deserve. Maurice Evans in particular bailed out Wall on many bad passes by hitting shots anyway. But how many missed assists did Wall have in the game? Did his teammates convert on a high percentage of their opportunities?

As it turned out, Wall had a huge number of potential assist opportunities in general. Make the jump for the tracker update.


(graphic by callmecostanza).

Even with Wall's 15 assists, there were still 12 other times where Wall could have had an assist if his teammates made the shot. All in all, I tallied 27 total assist opportunities for Wall, his highest number of the season. Just from watching, I think you could blame Wall for at least half of those 12 missed chances because of bad passes, but nevertheless, that's your number. Here's how it broke down by type of play:

  • Spot-up: 5.
  • Pick and roll: 2.
  • Off screens: 1
  • Cuts: 0
  • Dribble hand-offs: 0
  • Transition: 4.
And here's how it broke down by player:
  • Nick Young: 4
  • Chris Singleton: 3
  • Trevor Booker: 2
  • Jordan Crawford: 1
  • Roger Mason: 1
  • Maurice Evans: 1
All in all, Wall's teammates converted on 15 of his 27 assist opportunities, good for 55.6 percent. That raised his season assist conversion percentage to 44.4 percent.

Thanks again to for the video.