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Rising Stars Challenge 2012 Recap: John Wall Dunks A Lot, Kyrie Irving Wins MVP

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The 2012 Rising Stars Challenge is in the books, and Team Barkley, led by Kyrie Irving's shooting, John Wall's dunking and more, defeated Team Shaq, 146-133. Wall ended up with 17 points, eight assists and six rebounds, but Irving took home MVP honors by scoring 34 points while hitting all eight of his three-pointers.

To analyze anything from this game is an exercise in futility. It's an exhibition game where nobody really tried hard. A couple really minor notes before we get into the video and GIFs that you all want to see, thanks to SB Nation's own GIF maker (so I didn't make them).

  • Kenny Smith at one point said that Wall is a 15-foot jumper away from being a perennial All-Star. We knew that, but still, worth noting.
  • Smith also said Wall belongs in a dunk contest sometime. Wonder how Nick Young will feel about that one.
OK, the videos/GIFS, the latter of which will be linked to save everyone's bandwidth.