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Kings Vs. Wizards Postgame Quotes: Randy Wittman Asks For An Icebreaker Session

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Here are your postgame quotes, grabbed tonight by Michael Katz of SB Nation D.C. as I went into the Kings locker room for some other duties.


Opening statement: "Until our team is committed to playing winning basketball, until they're committed to doing that, we're going to be like this team was tonight. There wasn't anything in that second half that was done to win the game. There wasn't."

On what he means by "winning basketball:" "Our mindset went to each of us making it a great night [individually] no matter what they did. Trap, weren't going to move the ball. If they score, try to score every time they touch the ball. Right down the line. Shots go up and guards from Sacramento crash the boards and put it in six times in the fourth quarter. Six times, our guys standing at the three-point line watching. That's not winning basketball."

On Nick Young's 360 missed layup: "We got guys going in for a layup, reverse 360 and misses the whole thing. Crowd oohd and awed, but we didn't get any points out of it."

On JaVale McGee's flagrant goaltend: "What his job in the pick and roll is is not to let the guard get to the rim. Goaltended? That had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it."

On the guards' turnovers, changing pronouns: "When I'm double-teamed and I continue to try to do something against the double team, you're going to turn it over, plain and simple. Plain and simple. They need to introduce themselves to some of the bigs that they never throw the ball to."


On what happened in the second half: "They had open shots, and we kept going down and took tougher shots, which led to them getting easy buckets. In the first half, we moved the ball and had 68 points. In the second half, we didn't."

On the team's offense in general: "I think I think the best job I could just trying to run the offense and passing the ball to open guys. It's tough. When you move the ball and let somebody else get it, you let them do whatever they want on offense. It's tough. We made open shots, but we didn't make the right passes or the right open shots that we did in the first half to get easier shots."

On the team's reputation: "A lot of people say we're soft at times. You can see it."

On losing: "It's tough on anybody to be in this kind of position, and it's tough on me coming from a winning program and a winning mindset. But I just got to listen to the advice I get from guys. Steve Nash gave me some great advice in Phoenix. I just need to take those things on and try to get better as a player, game by game, day by day, and just try to lead your team. That's all I can do, just try to lead my team and put us in position to win games. If I fall short, I put the pressure on myself."


On the 360 layup: "I did that in the past. If it goes in, everyone's on my side. If I miss it, it's a bad shot."


On why they keep reverting to not sharing the ball: "We have some bad habits as a team. We're trying to break them. When you have bad habits, sometimes you go back to those habits. The games where we've had success, we've played team defense, we've shared the ball and we've been a team. The games where we struggled are when we try to do it on our own."


On what Wall said to him in the first half: "Me and John are good friends, and we were just going back and forth. He said, 'Get somebody out there to stop me,' and I said, 'OK, wait until I come back in the second half.' So we were going back and forth. He's a great player. He's so hard to guard because he's going so damn fast."