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Sacramento Kings Vs. Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 33 Open Thread

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2011/12 NBA Regular Season
Sacramento Kings main logo
10-22 7-25
February 22, 2012
Verizon Center
7 PM
Isaiah Thomas PG John Wall
Marcus Thornton SG Nick Young
Tyreke Evans SF Chris Singleton
Jason Thompson PF Trevor Booker
DeMarcus Cousins C JaVale McGee

PREGAME READING: Wiz-Kings 5 on 5 | Sactown Royalty

SB Nation D.C.

Pregame notes:

  • No John Salmons for the Kings tonight, Keith Smart said. Isaiah Thomas had been starting even with Salmons healthy anyway.
  • Randy Wittman admitted that games like this right before the All-Star Break "can be stolen," and the Wizards need to make sure they aren't the team that suffers an emotional letdown.
  • Stop me if you've heard Wittman say this before: "With a lot of our guys, we can't rely on making or missing shots to affect what other parts of the game are needed." He repeated something similar when asked about Nick Young specifically.
  • Interesting series of quotes from Smart on John Wall when asked about his game. First, he said that last year, "you could force him one way or the other, but now, his numbers are very even on both hands." I'd love to be able to study this further. Later, he said this: "Right away, a guy comes from college, and he's a point guard because he can handle the ball, but he's not a point guard in his decision-making yet, because he hasn't learned the ins and outs of what a point guard needs to know. He's starting to figure both things out a little bit now and he's going to continue to grow."

We'll have a second-half thread if this first-half thread goes over 300 comments. Otherwise, we'll stick to one thread.