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Wizards vs. Jazz Recap: Tired Legs; Tired Minds

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Sometimes as a team you just hit a wall. Tonight, that brick visage was in the form of the Jazz front court. In a performance that was eerily reminiscent of the one we saw a few days ago in Portland, every shot that Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson put up seem to go through the twine. This was in no way to excuse the Wizards defense, which loosely sagged off the of the two Jazz big men for most of the evening and paid the price. I am confused as to why coach Randy Wittman decided to play Jefferson the way he did, as there is enough tape on him to show that you need to push him out and constantly body him up rather than allow him to establish position or shoot uncontested from 10 to twelve feet.

Besides that there was a bit of hero ball and a lot of tired legs and tired minds. Prior to the season, many were opining the condensed schedule would be a blessing to a young team like the Wizards. However, that has simply not proven the case as they were run down by a more fit Clippers team and subsequently outmuscled by a physical Jazz frontline. And although one can only be impressed by how Randy Wittman has gotten this team to perform over the past few weeks, now is the time you have the question his use of the starters in both the Portland and LA games. Wall and McGee did their best on the evening, but everyone else was simply on puncher's legs for most of the evening.

Oh well, there is always Sunday (Editor's note: Or Monday - West Coast trip's leave me pretty wiped.)