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JaVale McGee And Trevor Booker Are 'The Chin Strap Brothers'

The Wizards really are hilarious, you guys. Via Michael Lee:

McGee and Booker have begun calling themselves, "the chin strap brothers," a reference to their commitment to approaching the game with the hard-nose mentality of a football player - even as Booker is still unsure about the new greeting.

"It's kind of lame, but I'll do it, just to make him feel good," Booker said with a laugh about McGee. "Little things like that bring us closer.

This is in the middle of a story about how team camaraderie has improved recently. In the same story, you have players and coaches talking about how everyone understands their roles better, and therefore, the team has improved from being a complete train wreck to at least being competitive.

Personally, I think improved team camaraderie is always the effect, not the cause, of improved play, but I'm sure plenty of you see it the other way.