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Links: Wizards-Blazers Recaps And What Randy Wittman Is Doing Well

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Today's links:

  • Last night's win over the Blazers means the Wizards are now 5-7 under Randy Wittman, which isn't amazing, but is far better than the team's record under Flip Saunders. What is Wittman doing well? Here are four things. [WUSA9]
  • It also helps that John Wall's really stepped up his game, especially his perimeter jump shot. [Washington Examiner]
  • To break down the numbers on this (thanks, HoopData): Wall was 18-83 (21.7 percent) on jumpers from 16-23 feet under Flip Saunders. Under Wittman, he's 17-41 (41.4 percent), which isn't great, but is still a major improvement.
  • Recaps from a wild win in Portland. [Us | SB Nation D.C. | Washington Post (gamer, blog) | AP | | Wiz of Awes | Columbian | Oregon Live | Rip City Project | Portland Roundball Society (rapid, firsthand) | Blazers Edge (rapid, full, firsthand) | HoopData advanced box | Popcorn Machine]
  • Post-game interviews, via [JaVale McGee | Randy Wittman | Jordan Crawford | Nick Young | John Wall]
  • Amazing stat: this was the first time the Wizards won two straight road games by 15 or more points ... EVER. [@WashWizards | Ted's Take]
  • To be fair, LaMarcus Aldridge was injured.
  • There were plenty of highlights too. [JaVale McGee's dunk | Wall's drive to the rim | Wall's block on Nicolas Batum]
  • Two amazing celebration GIFs by @cjzero (a must-follow on Twitter) [Nick Young | John Wall]
  • Another big-picture proposal to fix the Wizards. Two things: having JaVale McGee sign the qualifying offer is a horrible idea, and my understanding at least is that Lewis is actually guaranteed slightly more than $10 million next year, not $7-8 million. [Grantland]
  • Jan Vesely's thriving again in a bench role. [Wizards Insider]
  • JaVale McGee's asthma is under control. [CSN Washington]
  • For the draftnicks: a really good look at all of Kentucky's prospects from Jonathan Tjarks. [SB Nation]
  • In case you missed it, Jordan Crawford's not a Valentine's Day fan. [NBC Washington | Us | SB Nation D.C.]
  • Floyd Mayweather appears to have made money off the Wizards' win.
  • Finally, a word on the GIFs last night: we probably went a little overboard with that, and I had some complaints about load time + viewing at work. I'll take the blame here for that because I encouraged it. It adds to the commenting experience, so we should keep feeling free to post them especially after wins, but let's a) always make sure we have a subject line on them so people working can collapse the comments, and b) not go too overboard posting like five in one comment or posting a zillion one after the other. I think we'll be able to find that balance, but if I or Sean deletes any, it's not because the gif wasn't funny or useful, it's just to make sure the site loads and people who have limited Internet bandwidth can still see the post.