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Washington Wizards vs. Portland Trailblazers: Regular Season Game 29 Open Thread

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2011/12 NBA Regular Season
Portland Trail Blazers main logo
8-20 6-22
February 14, 2012
Rose Garden
10 PM
Raymond Felton PG John Wall
Nicolas Batum SG Nick Young
Gerald Wallace SF Chris Singleton
LaMarcus Aldridge PF Trevor Booker
Marcus Camby C JaVale McGee

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SB Nation D.C.

I hope everyone has had or is having a nice Valentine's Day. If your evening is at an end, why don't you pour yourself a nice glass of Chianti, pop open that box of chocolates and settle down to a late evening of Wizards basketball as they take on the Portland Trail Blazers. Maybe strew some rose petals on the couch and get yourself in the mood because at the end of the night, its only going to be you and the Wizards -- alone once again.

Tonight we meet our old nemesis Gerald Wallace, who some blame for bringing down the "glory days" of the Big Three. The Blazers have had a bit of a rest since their last game on Friday against the Dallas Mavericks and are also looking to to break a current losing at their home court. Both things bode ill for the Wizards, whose difficulties on the road against Western Conference opponents are well documented. However, working in the Wizards favor is that the Trail Blazers play down to the level of their opponents. Losses against Golden State, Detroit, Phoenix and Sacramento suggest a team that possibly might not show up, especially if they are busy thinking about their dinner reservations for later that evening.

Tonight's recap will go up in the wee hours, and I will be handing out special Valentine's Day awards to players who earn praise or criticism. Hopefully, much of the team will be receiving tearfully constructed mixtapes and not a drunken 3 a.m. phonecall.