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Jordan Crawford Is Not A Fan Of Valentine's Day

Getty Images

More on Jordan Crawford's actual basketball-playing skills in a bit, but I have to pass along this gem from Sarah Kogod of NBC Washington, who asked several of the Washington Wizards players what they were doing to celebrate Valentine's Day:

Least Romantic Wizard goes to Jordan Crawford with this gem.

"I'm the wrong person to talk to about Valentine's Day," he said laughing. "I usually get rid of my shorties around now."

Perhaps Crawford should take some advice from Trevor Booker, who appears to be quite the romantic himself.

(On a sidenote, as suggested by new SB Nation D.C. editor Samuel Chamberlain, Shelvin Mack really needs some sort of endorsement deal on the MacBook he's buying his girlfriend. On another sidenote, while I love Kogod's reporting, these Valentine's Day tips absolutely should be included in some sort of team video. They can always cut Crawford out of it if need be).