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Links: Heat Vs. Wizards Recaps And Quotes

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Combining links and quotes today since I had to run immediately after last night's game.

Quotes below the jump:


On the team's defensive effort: "We'll take mistakes that are aggressive, and we had some of those. We got tired I thought, little winded, which caused some of our mistakes too. I got to do a better job getting those guys in and out. I've got to recognize JaVale sometimes gets winded quicker at different periods of the game, and I've got to do a better job [with that], because that's where he'll miss a rebound or one goes off his hands out of bounds."

On the second unit: "I tinkered with it a little tonight. I'm playing with that a little bit. I hadn't liked the last couple games, end of first, start of second quarters were slow. I have to look over the tape and see exactly where it didn't work, but we changed it up tonight. We'll see where we go for it. I shortened it up a little bit to see if that helped."


On lessons the Wizards can take from the Heat: "We can learn a lot from them, how they played, how they talked out there. Just how LeBron and D-Wade are always talking, making sure the team is in the right positions. It's something we can learn. Also, how they try to take over at the end of the game."

On what happened in the fourth quarter: "They were trapping, getting the ball out of people's hands. They were playing aggressive traps and stuff."


On what happened in the fourth quarter: "We ran pick and roll, and they trapped to get the ball out of our guards hands. We got to make plays, and today, we didn't make the plays. We had careless turnovers and didn't shoot well as a team."

On what LeBron James and Dwyane Wade said to him: "That's someone I look up to. LeBron, I met him back in high school. That's very nice to hear. Those two guys probably have been through the same type of situation I was when I was a child growing up, not really being known [right away], except for LeBron, when we were young. Those are two superstars in the league. One guy has won a championship (Wade) and the other (James) is trying to get there. That's somewhere I want to be down the road."