Grunfeld Needs to Feel Embarrassed Like Toronto's GM

I find it extraordinarily disturbing that our GM is not visibly and publicly upset over the dismal performance of his 2-15 Wizards team. Isn't it time for Ernie Grunfeld to make statements similar to the public comments just made by the 4-16 Toronto Raptor's GM Bryan Colangelo:

“This situation is, from all standards, unacceptable,” the team’s president and general manager said. “It’s disappointing, it’s embarrassing but this is where we find ourselves.”

“There’s been a lot of dialogue, a lot of discussion,” he said. “It’s constant evaluation of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and why we’re doing it.”

“We’re all under a microscope now, as should be the case, including myself,” said Colangelo. “We clearly have to make this right.”

Do not tell me that we are playing without our starting point guard and Toronto is playing with theirs- that's no excuse for a pitiful 2-15 record. It's not like John Wall is a franchise/all-star point guard like Chicago's Derrick Rose. Heck, the stark reality is that Wall is an average young point guard in the NBA still climbing a learning curve. Hopefully, he will be good in time, but he's not there yet.

Toronto's Bryan Colangelo is putting his own head on the chopping block; you have to respect that. Why hasn't EG done the same?Why hasn't Ernie apologized for the Wizard's horrific performance? Ernie Grunfeld is no Bryan Colangelo. If I missed Ernie's public mea culpa, I apologize. But if he hasn't then I'm mad as hell. We should all be mad as hell. Let's stick our heads out the window and yell - "we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more" for the basketball gods to hear.

Am I off base here? Shouldn't Ernie step up to the plate and offer his head?

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