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Wizards Vs Warriors final score: Wizards drop another close one

The Washington Wizards fell to 2-15 on the year as they lost to the Golden State Warriors, 101-97


WASHINGTON -- The Washington Wizards dropped another one, falling 101 - 97 to the Golden State Warriors. The Wizards moved the ball well and hustled, keeping things close and seeing five players score in double figures. Jordan Crawford looked great tonight, getting to the basket at will, setting up teammates, and hitting three after three off the dribble and finishing the game with 22 points. Despite some late game heroics, though, the Wizards just weren't able to pull this one out, dropping to 2-15 on the year.

Here, have some game notes.

  • Lots of crisp passing from the Wizards early on. The small lineup with Webster and Singleton at the forward spots may or may not work out, but it definitely provides the team with better spacing and passing.
  • Singleton is still adjusting to playing power forward. He fouls a lot trying to contest shots at the rim, although once he learns to jump straight up when contesting shots, he could become a decent weak side shotblocker due to his length and hops.
  • A.J. Price comes down with a hand injury early in the first. Eventually, it's announced that he'll miss the rest of the game.
  • The Wizards are down 28-21 after one quarter.
  • Cartier Martin seems to be getting the majority of Ariza's minutes tonight. The results on defense aren't pretty -- he just can't stay in front of anyone or fight through screens. Klay Thompson is getting anywhere on the floor that he wants to.
  • Seraphin is continuing his habit of shooting every time he touches the ball. Fortunately, Carl Landry doesn't have the length to bother his hook shots and Seraphin takes him to school early in the second quarter.
  • The Warriors are up 39-31 at the six-minute mark in the second quarter. Still no Jan Vesely sightings, and Crawford and Singleton are the Wizards' MVPs so far. In a bit of a replay from last night, the Wizards are again having trouble staying in front of quick perimeter players, a weakness made far worse by being forced to put Martin on Thompson and Livingston on Curry.
  • It is unreal how good Curry's jumper is. Pretty much every time he can see the rim he has a good shot at making the bucket. I've talked to a couple of people about it tonight and everyone is blown away by how good the guy is.
  • Martin's getting to the basket a lot off of cuts and to the corners for open threes. I'm not sure how much this is a result of him being good or his defender being bad. Either way, I'll take it, as he has 14 points and a couple of rebounds at the end of the half.
  • Bradley Beal with a nice block on Jenkins to end the first half. Wizards 47, Warrriors 50, and the Wiz Kids have the big mo' thanks to great performances from Martin, Crawford and Singleton.
  • Crawford is starting in place of Price to begin the second half.
  • Part of the reason Beal is struggling as a playmaker is that he's so short that long defenders bother his passes, especially when he goes to the basket.
  • A pair of Beal free throws give the Wizards their first lead, 56-55. He's being a bit more aggressive, not so much in that he's attacking the basket as he's just shooting every time he's open.
  • Seraphin shoots every ... single ... time he touches the ball, for better or for worse. The game has been back and forth throughout the third largely because more of those shots are falling than normal. Warriors up 67-64 with 2:33 left in the third.
  • And just like that, a Crawford three off Beal's penetration ties the game. It's almost like good things happen when he attacks the basket.
  • This one is coming down to a battle between the Wizards' ability to get post position and a clean shot off in the paint every time down the floor and Golden State's obscenely good perimeter shooting.
  • Livingston checks in with 1:17 left in the third and the Warriors up 71-68. It'll be interesting to see how his legs hold up through the rest of the game.
  • The Wizards are down 71-70 as the fourth quarter starts. It's anyone's game, and, similar to the Miami game, this one could come down to whether or not a couple of snipers hit open threes.
  • Seraphin bricks two shots early in the fourth. Remember that thing I mentioned earlier about how he shoots every time he touches the ball? Yep, still applies.
  • Beal hits a nice shot in the lane to make it 78-74 with 8:10 left in the game. It's weird how he can be so cold from the outside this year and yet everything he throws up in the lane seems to find the basket.
  • Crawford turns into an assassin and hits a three off the dribble to give the Wizards their first lead in a while, 79-78.
  • David Lee has been scoring almost at will, as Singleton lacks the strength to body him up and Nene doesn't have the length to bother his layups. He hits another one, putting the Warriors up 93-85 with 2:19 left in the game.
  • A pair of Crawford threes make it 95 - 92 with the Wizards down with about 30 seconds left. Anyone's game, and the fans are starting to come alive.
  • Unfortunately, Golden State fouls Beal when they're up three with 4.2 left in the game. He makes the first, misses the second, almost gets the rebound, but doesn't. Then, Crawford fouls Landry, who proceeds to make both free throws with two seconds left in the game. Oh well, better luck next time.

Final - 12.8.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Golden State Warriors 28 22 21 30 101
Washington Wizards 21 26 23 27 97

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