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Links: Reporters ask about John Wall, freak out Randy Wittman

We're almost as scared as Randy is.

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Sad news links:

  • Evidently the eight-week timetable given to John Wall's knee injury was always eight-to-12 weeks. We just didn't know about it. But that's OK, because it sounds like reporters got their revenge by asking Randy Wittman if Wall would be back at all this season, nearly giving the coach a coronary. [SB Nation | Wizards Insider | Washington Times | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | USA Today]
  • Michael Lee sat down with Ernie Grunfeld to talk about the Wizards' 2-13 start. This story is the result. Cue angry comments. [Washington Post]
  • Nene has been awesome in limited minutes, which is why Randy Wittman doesn't want to push the big man before he's ready. [CSN Washington]
  • What does Trevor Ariza's injury mean for the Wizards? [SB Nation DC]
  • Chris Singleton is looking forward to the Wizards rematch with the Hawks tonight. []
  • Mike, Derek and I were on hand for this week's hangout.
  • In defeating the Heat, the Wizards finally looked like the team Derek was expecting.
  • The Wizards felt pretty good after the game, too. [Truth About It]
  • We already know that Kevin Seraphin wants to emulate Nene, but it's starting to get a little creepy. [Us]
  • For those who haven't stumbled upon it yet, head over to Fred's Take, the perfect diversion for the frustrated Wizards fan.
  • Andray Blatche is playing well in Brooklyn. Very well, actually. But he won't talk contract extension yet. We all remember where that got him last time... [Nets Daily | Truth About It]
  • Gilbert Arenas made his debut with the Shanghai Sharks on Nov. 24. It went poorly. [Truth About It]
  • Mike recaps yesterday's two NBA games: Heat-Knicks and Mavericks-Suns. I wonder which of those matchups got more attention. [SB Nation]
  • Are the Lakers turning down trade offers for Pau Gasol? [Ball Don't Lie]