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Links: The Wizards' new offense, which isn't really a new offense

The Washington Wizards emphasized ball movement, and it paid off vs. Miami. That and more in today's links.


Today's links

  • Some pixels on the Wizards' "new offense," which is really just an emphasis on pushing the pace and moving the ball. [CSN Washington | Washington Times]
  • Trevor Ariza is expected to miss quite some time after injuring his left calf in Tuesday's win. Randy Wittman guessed three weeks, but nobody really knows yet. [CSN Washington | Washington Post |
  • Good to hear Kevin Seraphin say that he needs to develop a power move in the post. Hopefully he finds one. [Washington Examiner | Washington Post]
  • As excited as we are about Tuesday's win over the Heat, Rob Mahoney reminds us that Miami's defense is in awful shape right now. [Sports Illustrated]
  • There's an interesting nugget buried in this really good feature on SportVU, the missile-tracking camera service that the Wizards and 13 other teams use. According to the piece, the Wizards are using it to monitor physical data, tracking how many miles a player runs and how to scale workouts and practices based on that. If true, it's an interesting step for an organization that has a reputation for not treating injuries well. It also might explain Nene's minutes limit and John Wall's slow-ish recovery from a stress injury. [FOX Sports North]
  • A fun little gimmick here: one site will pay you to take their Wizards tickets. [DC Sports Nexus]
  • Andray Blatche gave an interview where he admitted he wanted to re-sign with the Nets after the season. Here are some wonky numbers on how that affects what the Wizards owe him after using the amnesty clause last season. [Nets Daily | New York Daily News]
  • Homeland fans are crazy. [The Post Game]
  • The Clippers had a dunk-off last night. [SB Nation]