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Kevin Seraphin might be watching Nene a little too closely

Rob Carr

One of the hidden benefits of acquiring Nene is the mentorship he's given to Kevin Seraphin. Even though injuries have kept the two from playing together much so far, you can already see where he's picked up elements from Nene's game, particularly his soft touch.

The next step for Seraphin is beginning to learn some of Nene's inside moves, according to Michael Lee. It's good to hear that Seraphin wants to improve, especially given his exceptionally low free throw rate, but he might be going overboard:

Nene has played only five games but has attempted 28 free throws, nearly matching Seraphin's season total with 10 free throw attempts in his debut at Atlanta. Seraphin said he wants to develop a "power move" and plans to learn from watching his "big brother," Nene.

"Everything he did. Everything he will do, I will look at him," Seraphin said. "Like even if he drink something, I look at how he drink. I just look at him every time."

Not quite sure how Nene's drink game translates to on the court success, but as long as Nene is cool with Seraphin stalking him, it's cool with us too.