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Randy Wittman's mom sounds like your typical Wizards fan

It's official: Everyone is sick and tired of waiting for John Wall to return.

Rob Carr

It must be rough for Randy Wittman constantly being asked for updates on John Wall's recovery, particularly when he doesn't have much information to provide. After Sunday's practice, Wittman expressed his frustration with Wall's situation to reporters, as chronicled by Ben Standig (HT: Ball Don't Lie):

"Until the doctor says he's ready to go full bore. I don't know what to tell you guys," said Wittman, repeating his usual mantra about Wall - and done in good spirits despite the bummer of the situation. Clearly the coach of the 1-13 team wants his fast-breaking leader back. This time Wittman added a line for emphasis to show he's not simply deflecting.

But as hard as it has to be dealing with the media on a constant basis, it sounds like he's getting it just as bad once he gets home:

Wittman said, "I'm serious. I tell my mom, ‘I don't know.' She asks me every day, too. ‘When's John coming back?' ‘I don't know mom.' "

While I'm sure Randy appreciates his mother's concern and interest level in his job, but I get the feeling he'd rather be discussing holiday plans right now.