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End of line

The Master Control Program running the Wizards (also known as Ernie Grunfeld) must be stopped. Time for Ted to take on the mantle of Tron. End of line, man.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

So. The bad news train has burst into flames and mustard gas for fans of Wizards basketball.

I'll take 'NBA Rebuilds' for $1000, Alec.

And the question; 'The worst possible thing you could hear about the Wizards rebuild on Christmas Eve morning?'

Ah, Nene declaring to the media the youth movement the rebuild is centered around 'have no respect for the game'.

Ooh, I'm sorry but your answer must be in the form of a question. We would have also accepted: 'They think this opportunity's nothing right now.' We'll renew GM Ernie Grunfeld's contract for two seasons.

Ah, Alec, they already extended him for two years.

Giving the lie to 'you can't lose if you don't play'. (/chuckles) Golden State Warriors fan, the board is yours.

So much of the fan experience is reading the tea leaves. Whether it's player quotes, press conferences or official releases, we rarely work with a full deck when it comes to reaching an informed consensus. And now Nene has gifted us with evidence that the environment of Ernie Grunfeld's team is unquestionably rotten. He is finally out of scapegoats. If this doesn't get him streamlined, nothing will.

Accountability and the Wizards go together like Grunfeld and winning. Accountability in relation to this franchise is a trope so tired I haven't dared to so much as use it in a comment since the Holy Trinity departed. Accountability is part of the reason a locker room leader and talented veteran like Nene was brought in. Accountability on Ted's part demands he recognize the major factor in common with ten years of futility. THIS is how NBA players see your rebuild and organization under Ernie Grunfeld's direction.

It's Christmas Day, Ted. This is one lump of coal you don't have to live with.