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Links: Wizards lose, surprising no one

We're running out of creative ways to say, "Wizards lose."

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When is the season over? links:

  • Another day, another loss to the Pistons. The Wizards carried over their awful, dreadful, abominable, unspeakable performance in Detroit to the first half of Saturday's game, and couldn't catch up in the second half. Are there really 57 games left this season? Can we bring back the lockout? Ugh. Recaps [Us | SB Nation DC | AP | Washington Post | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | Wiz of Awes | | SB Nation Detroit | Detroit Free Press | Hoopdata box score | Popcorn Machine]
  • Postgame interviews. [Wittman | Crawford | Beal | Webster]
  • The Wizards are so awful, Randy Wittman is doing his best to get thrown out of games. But the refs have decided it's much funnier to make him watch. [CSN Washington]
  • Heads have begun to roll. Insignificant heads, that is. In need of backcourt help, the Wizards have released Earl Barron (OK, makes sense) and Shaun Livingston, their only true healthy point guard, which may seem counterintuitive, but Wizards. [Us | AP | Washington Post | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | Press release]
  • Nene is one of the NBA's most efficient players this season. But guess which two big men rank just behind him as the league's 9th- and 10th-most efficient players. [CSN Washington]
  • More evidence that God hates the awful Wizards? The 2013 draft class is also pretty bad. But 2014? Let's pray the Wiz don't decide to get good next season... [ESPN Insider]
  • Roundup of Saturday's NBA games. [SB Nation]
  • Kris Humphries dated and (kind of) married Kim Kardashian. Now she's dating Kanye West. NYC DJs would in no way use this fact to troll Humphries, would they? Even if they did, Humphries would take it all in stride, yes? [Ball Don't Lie]