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Wizards release Shaun Livingston, Earl Barron

Needing some help in the backcourt, the Wizards have released Shaun Livingston and Earl Barron. Both have non-guaranteed contracts.

Rob Carr

The Washington Wizards have made a pair of roster moves designed to help them find some backcourt depth with injuries to John Wall and A.J. Price. The team has released Shaun Livingston and Earl Barron, according to a press release.

Neither player has really stepped up to fill any sort of void this season. Barron somehow earned a starting gig three games ago after a strong performance against the Atlanta Hawks, but on the season, he has a 7.1 PER and has not contributed much other than the occasional rebound. The fact that he even started recently says all you need to know about the state of the franchise.

Livingston, meanwhile, was not nearly as effective this year as he was in his first stint with the Wizards. Back then, the WIzards had finishers, but needed someone to organize them. This Wizards team, though, needs scorers, not setup men. I still believe that Livingston can be an asset in the right situation, but this wasn't it.

The Wizards' roster now stands at 13 players. Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports that the Wizards will look to find guard help with those extra spots. It's hard to know who is available at this point, but if the Wizards did want to look for help, Livingston and Barron had to go to give them the roster space. Those were the only two players that had non-guaranteed contracts.