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Wizards vs. Pistons preview: Get to know the team you'll be watching during the Mayan apocalypse

Though we're pretty sure the world will go on as scheduled tomorrow, we want to make sure you're prepared if anything happens tonight.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards and Pistons will play each other twice over the next two days, so here is your preview for both games.

Where, When, and What Channel: The game on Friday night will start at 7:30 p.m. at The Palace in Auburn Hills. You can watch it on Comcast SportsNet. The game on Saturday will start at 7 p.m. and will also be on Comcast SportsNet.

Why You Should Care: Well, let's face it, if you're watching tonight, you're firmly in the non-apocalypse crowd because watching Wizards-Pistons probably isn't the way you want to spend your last hours. However, if it turns out you were wrong, here are some signs that things might be headed south for this world and you should start contacting loved ones as soon as possible.

Signs the apocalypse is on its way

  • Corey Maggette leads the Pistons in assists tonight.
  • If someone other than Tayshaun Prince, Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, Jason Maxiell or Kyle Singler plays big minutes tonight. Outside of those six, no one averages more than 20 minutes per game.
  • Detroit forces over 20 turnovers tonight, something they haven't done all season. Only Indiana forces less turnover than the Pistons.
  • Jordan Crawford doesn't post something about his hometown of Detroit on Twtitter or Instagram today.
  • The Wizards win in Detroit tonight. Since 1989, the Wizards are 9-34 against the Pistons in Detroit. The Wizards had a higher winning percentage last season than they've had against the Pistons in Detroit for the last 23 years.
  • There's a sellout crowd at The Palace.
  • Nene plays all 48 minutes.
  • Detroit takes more than 25 threes tonight. On the season, they're averaging 15.7 per game and haven't attempted more than 22 in a game this year.
  • Jan Vesely gets 20 or more minutes on the floor tonight. He hasn't hit that mark since November 19th.
  • You hear the Andre Drummond's name and the word "polished" in the same sentence.
  • Emeka Okafor scores over 20 points (hasn't happened since December 2010).
  • If John Wall, A.J. Price, Trevor Ariza and Trevor Booker all play tonight, head straight for the hills. You can't get a much clearer sign that the injured Wizard zombie apocalypse has begun.