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Links: Jordan Crawford, Nene trying to keep the Wizards afloat

Injuries and poor play have plagued the NBA's worst team all season, but two Wizards are doing what they can to keep their squad close in games.

Rob Carr

Mo' steez, mo' problems links:

  • The Wizards are the worse team in the NBA, but Jordan Crawford is having a career year, and looking to keep proving people wrong. [Washington Post]
  • Nene has made the most of his injury-limited minutes on the court, and it's helped stay competitive in games. But hasn't resulted in many wins. [Washington Examiner]
  • Kevin Seraphin is shooting a lot of long jumpers this season, but he isn't making many. [Wiz of Awes]
  • Earl Barron played well when called upon Tuesday in the second half against the Hawks. No so much when Randy Wittman inserted him into the starting lineup against the Magic. [Washington Times]
  • More on Wiz-Magic. [Truth About It]
  • Would firing Randy Wittman help things at all? I doubt it, but I guess at 3-20 people are going to think such things. [Blog So Hard Sports]
  • Even Ted is beginning to sound fatalistic about the Wizards season. [Ted's Take]
  • Matt Moore rights that the NBA needs more (bad) owners like Ted, who at least have good intentions, even if they make the wrong decisions. Ringing endorsement. [CBS Sports]
  • John Wall doesn't even get a mention in this discussion about the top five point guards from the past five NBA drafts. [ESPN]
  • David Thorpe drops Wall's name a few times in this chat about how Damian Lillard stacks up among the league's top young point guards. [ESPN]
  • We're not really getting ahead of ourselves at this point by thinking about the 2013 NBA Draft , and Ben Standig wonders if Wiz fans could stomach drafting another Euro big, even if he's playing his college ball just up the street and boasts a ceiling as high as any other draft prospect. [CSN Washington]
  • Then again, if I were the Wizards GM (shut up) I might just skip the 2013 draft, trade my picks this year and every other team asset for as many likely 2014 lottery picks as possible in hopes of getting my hands on Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, the latter of whom just committed to Duke (that's one strike against him). [Washington Examiner]
  • Martell Webster dressed up as Black Santa for a holiday pajama party Sunday in the Wizards locker room. [DC Sports Bog]
  • The guys over at Wizards Extreme wax nostalgic about two former Wizards and stand-up dudes. [Antawn Jamison | Doug Collins]
  • Does JaVale McGee deserve more playing time? [ESPN Insider]
  • David Stern will join Michael Lee, Mike Wise and Wolf Blitzer on a panel (moderated by stadium announcer Phil Hochberg) discussing professional basketball Jan. 10 at National Museum of the American Indian. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Everyone should read this story by Justice B. Hill about former Globetrotter Ernest Wagner Jr. Wow. [SB Nation]
  • Craig Stouffer presents his top 5 candidates for NBA MVP. It's a decent list. [Washington Examiner]
  • Good lord, Josh Howard can't catch a break. OK, poor choice of words. [AP]
  • There are a couple head-scratchers included on the list of potential new nicknames the Hornets have reportedly trademarked in case the NBA doesn't approve 'Pelicans.'