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Nominating the best of BF in 2012

Help us determine the best posts, comments and FanPosts of the year.

Rob Carr


The 2012 calendar year has been a trying one for Washington Wizards fans. It began with the slowest start in franchise history and it ended with the slowest start in franchise history. It included the stagnation of a rebuilding effort that we thought would be seen through properly. It included a knee injury to the team's best player. It included the retention of a management group that has not met expectations. It included the removal of the supposed Looney Tunes, only to see the team fall apart again.

I could go on. I won't

But through it all, this place has been as vibrant as ever. This has been a safe haven for Wizards fans, and with a couple exceptions, we've all been witty, passionate and respectful to each other. We may be closing the chapter on a forgettable year in Wizards history, but we are also closing the chapter on a memorable year (for me) in this site's history. (Sorry for being cheesy, but it is the holiday season).

Because of that, we're planning a post to run sometime before the beginning of the new year chronicling the best of BF in 2012. Us site editors obviously peruse the site, comments and FanPosts regularly, but we're also asking for your help here. We're looking for nominees for the following categories:

  • Best front-page post of 2012
  • Best analytical post of 2012
  • Best first-hand reporting post of 2012
  • Most hilarious front-page post of 2012
  • Best analytical FanPost of 2012
  • Most hilarious FanPost of 2012
  • The FanPost of 2012 that most summed up the state of the team/organization/fanbase
  • Most hilarious comment of 2012
  • Best analytical comment of 2012
  • The comment in 2012 that most summed up the state of the team/organization/fanbase.
  • Any other comment/post/FanPost of 2012 that doesn't necessarily fit into any of these categories.
Basically, we want to catalogue the best of this community in 2012. If there are more than one excellent nominees for these categories, that's fine. If there aren't any, that's fine too. But as members of this community, we think you'd know as well as us what was particularly memorable this year.