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Randy Wittman, reporter spar over John Wall injury news

Randy Wittman got testy with a reporter when he was asked about the latest John Wall injury update. Here is the transcript.

Chris Graythen

WASHINGTON -- Before Friday's game against the Lakers, Randy Wittman got a little annoyed with a reporter who was asking about John Wall's injury timeline.

Most of the pregame questions were about Wall's bill of health and when the team expected him to return to the court. However, this particular line of questioning seemed to peeve Wittman a bit. Wittman mentioned that the team was going to respond to Wall's activity as it was "ramped up," and one reporter wanted to follow up on that. The transcript is below:

Reporter: "Can you tell us a little bit more, though, about what it might mean to "ramp it up?"

Wittman: "Listen, I've said -- What do you mean? He's going to go out on the floor. He's going to run, shoot. No contact. That's "ramp it up."

Reporter: "Is there a chance he won't play this season?"

Wittman: [audible sigh] "Where are you going with this? I'm serious. I don't understand where you're going. You got the release. The doctor's report was good. He's going to ramp up his activity. We're going to see where he's at -- enough with that.