Trade for Love ?....No, how about a trade for Williams ?

Kevin Love doesn't have a future in Minny, let's be honest here....they've doubted him from the start and he still has it in the back of his mind.

I would love to trade for Love. (Pun intended)

But I know Minny would rather persuade him to stay than trade him now.

Check this out :

I would also add our 1st round pick for next year to go to Minny.

That trade is unlikely so I think Minny wiil start to panic and make quick trades to satisfy Love, and THAT is where the Wizards come in.

The T Wolves value Derrick Williams as trash . We were close to trade our potentially great Center at the time (JaVale McGee) for the #2 pick just to pick him.

I think the more realistic trade possibility would be this:

I would be completely TORN if we missed out on an opportunity to trade for Williams, tell me what you guys think about it.

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