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Bullets Forever Wizards hangout No. 2

Join us to talk about the beginning of the Wizards' season.

Jason Miller

UPDATE: If you missed the show live, watch the replay above.

Since our first attempt at this was a success, we're going to be doing yet another video Google hangout tonight to discuss the beginning of the Washington Wizards' season. Join Amin, Thomas, Jeff and I at 7 p.m. tonight as we run through a number of important TALKING POINTS about the first three games, including:

  1. Should we be encouraged that the Wizards have kept games close despite being shorthanded, or should we be discouraged by the winless start?
  2. What should we make of Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza playing so poorly? (See this post for more).
  3. Can guys like Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton and Jan Vesely keep up their strong early-season play?
  4. Is it time for a lineup change?
  5. What can we make of Bradley Beal's early-season struggles?
  6. Would we purchase a replica 1978 championship ring if it was on sale?
And, of course, we'll spend some time addressing your questions in the comments section.

Bring your favorite craft beer (or regular beer -- we don't judge) to your computer and come hang out and talk Wizards with us. We promise we don't bite. Well, maybe I do, but you should be safe by focusing on everyone else.