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Andray Blatche forced to eat chicken by his Nets teammates

Clearly, Blatche's leadership is paying dividends in Brooklyn.

Jared Wickerham

Occasionally you see a tweet that doesn't provide much context or information, but gives you just enough information to require your attention. Today, Kris Humphries had one of those tweets.

Let's face it, if you're already here, odds are you're going to click that link, because "Blatche eats chicken" lends itself to so many possibilities. Is he in a mock commercial? Is he being spied on as he eats KFC? As it turns out, it's even better than you could imagine (Warning: There's some PG-13ish language from Kris in the video):

You'd think after getting blasted by 30 against the Heat that the Nets would be a little less jovial on the plane ride, but Andray Blatche has a way of keeping it loose even at the darkest times.