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Wizards vs. Celtics final score: Washington falls, 100-94, in overtime

Washington falls to 0-3 after a tough loss to Boston.


Well, that was heart-breaking. After playing Boston close almost all night, the Wizards fell apart over the last few minutes of overtime, losing to the Celtics, 100-94. Boston's legendary toughness was on full display, as Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry in particular seemed to get under the skin of a number of Wizards. Still, the team did a lot of good things and should look at their loss as a learning experience. Boston's a good team and there's no shame in losing to them in overtime.

The Good

Chris Singleton After barely playing through the season's first two games, Singleton finally got some burn and was really good, looking like a legitimate scoring threat and even making two plays (some free throws and a wicked dunk) to even the score twice over the final 34 seconds. His defense was good as always too, and he was particularly effective on the last play of the fourth quarter, in which his denial of the ball to Terry forced Rondo into a stepback three at the buzzer. He's also shooting kind of a set shot when he takes long twos now, but it's working pretty well for him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him take a few more minutes from Trevor Ariza if he keeps this up.

Kevin Seraphin There was a lot to love and a lot to hate about Seraphin's performance. He was extremely productive, finishing with 16 points and nine rebounds while playing great defense on Garnett all night. He also committed two late game fouls, got into a scuffle with Kevin Garnett and had six turnovers. All in all, though, he was definitely a net positive, and you have to admire the way he didn't back down from Garnett.

The So-So

Bradley Beal Beal had a mini-breakout, putting up 16 points, four rebounds and three assists. However, he also made numerous bad decisions late in the game and missed a lot of shots that he should have made. It's still too early to read too much one way or the other into his performance, but he could start to lose some of his confidence if more shots don't start falling.

The Bad

Trevor Ariza Ariza continued to struggle, scoring two points off of six field goal attempts in 19 minutes. He continues to look disengaged, although he did show little bit of life when Pierce challenged him.

A.J. Price Even though he made shots, the offense still looks bad when Price is on the floor. He had a lot of trouble handling the ball and doesn't have much in the way of court vision.

The Ugly

The Overtime Offense After looking ok throughout much of the game, Washington's offense fell apart toward the end of OT. Players like Beal and Seraphin tried to force the issue, something that rarely works out well against Boston. They both need to make a conscious effort to not get sucked into duels with other players.

At the end of the day, it's a moral victory, clearly. But nevertheless, the Wizards are now 0-3.