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More on SB Nation's partnership with Monumental Sports

Some more details on what SB Nation's partnership with Monumental Sports entails.


So, yes, we have a new partnership with Monumental Sports. As the press release states, that means a couple things. For one, Thomas and I will be doing a semi-regular show called "Press Box" with Dave Johnson, Glenn Consor and the rest of their group. It also means that they will be reaching out to some of our opposing team bloggers to do game previews. In addition, they will cross-link some of our stuff on their site that they feel is relevant to their audience, and we will do the same with some of their stuff that we feel is relevant to ours.

And ... well, that's it. For those worried that this might affect our coverage, don't be. We'll continue to write about the team the way we have always written about the team, and they'll continue to do what they've always done. Neither side will have any sort of footing into the other's editorial operations. We're just sharing a few pieces of content that we think will be relevant to our respective audiences.

We're really excited to have this kind of arrangement, and we wouldn't have done this if we felt like we'd have our voice censored in any way, shape or form.

Here is the first episode of "Press Box." We'll be posting the video here shortly as well.