The Next Starting Lineup Will Show If the Wizards had Learned from the Past

Is it the same 'ol same 'ol, or is it play the best? Are we going to worry about players FEELINGS or kick their butt because they suck right now? The next games starting lineup and minutes played, but especially the Starting Lineup is going to determine how much time I will spend with the Wizards until John Wall comes back. Aren't you tired of watching players start and get minutes because the organization does not want to hurt their FEELINGS? If Ariza and Beal start, Seraphin and Crawford sit on the bench to start the game then I will see the Wizards in a few weeks. (Sarcastic) Isn't it nice to watch a player like Trevor Ariza screaming at the Coaching Staff? I bet they reward him with starting the next game. It will be a repeat of recent Wizards history. Go Wizards!

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