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Wizards Vs Knicks final score: Washington gets blown out, 108-87

The Wizards were terrible in their loss to the Knicks. Try to forget this one.


The Washington Wizards fell to the New York Knicks, 108-87. They couldn't score, couldn't defend, and really couldn't do anything to justify their status as NBA players. Yeah, it was that kind of night.

The worst offender was Kevin Seraphin. The guy who looked like a future stud last year has badly regressed. I wasn't keeping track, but I'm pretty sure that he shot the ball every single time he caught it. Just as bad, he was badly out of position on defense, although he wasn't the only one. The team as a whole just looked sloppy, and the Knicks barely even had to try to win this one.

Anyways, here are my game notes, in chronological order.

  • Bradley Beal is aggressive early on, but also seems like he's thinking too much, making two bad turnovers early in the first quarter.
  • Starting Kurt Thomas is just dumb. New York's offense looks a lot worse with their big lineup.
  • Seraphin continues to shoot every single time he touches the ball. It doesn't even matter that he's got the reigning defensive player of the year guarding him and that he can pull him away from the basket.
  • A.J. Price is a really bad defender. His man is getting open shots on almost every possession for a good two or three minute stretch.
  • Watching the Wizards play the Knicks is like watching a bunch of middle aged guys play a group of teenagers.
  • Chris Singleton is playing very good defense on Carmelo Anthony, getting blocks or strips on three straight Anthony drives to the basket.
  • 26 - 17 Knicks after one. Washington is playing decent enough defense outside of Price.
  • J.R. Smith and Crawford are guarding each other early on. This should be good.
  • One of the most annoying things about the Wizards' "runs" is that they always seem to be a result of a bunch of bad shots going in.
  • Seraphin has made three of 12 shots by the time he comes out. It's still the second quarter. The dude is becoming a human black hole.
  • Carmelo hits a three off the dribble with Nene all over him to make it 58-46 Knicks at halftime.
  • The Wizards are playing horrible defense to start the third. The Knicks go on a short run and it's largely a result of poor rotations, primarily by Trevor Ariza and Seraphin.
  • Ariza has decides to "take over" and the results are about as you would expect. He hits one or two lucky shots, but bricks a even more that he had no business taking.
  • The Wizards get it to within 12. Then the Knicks go on a huge run and blow it back open after their perimeter shooters heat up as a result of Raymond Felton penetration. Washington's offense slows down, too, devolving into a mix of ugly isolations and turnovers.
  • 86-65 to start the fourth. Oh well, at least we'll get to see some 'Sheed.
  • Singleton gets called for carrying while handling the ball on the break with 11:00 left in the fourth. For all his improvements as a shooter and cutter this year, he's still an incredibly poor ball handler.
  • 5:25 left in the game, 99-78 Knicks, and JR Smith schools Beal. No one cares because no one's watching.
  • Jan Vesely has become a garbage time player. I compared him to Lorenzen Wright just two months ago. Argh.
  • Final score: 108-87. There's really nothing good to take away from this one, aside from Singleton continuing to look like a decent defensive player.