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Links: Wizards Win Edition!

The Wizards got their first win! There was much rejoicing in Wizardland!

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Rob Carr

One and Twelve! One and Twelve! U-S-A! U-S-A!

The Wizards did it, you guys. They won their first game! They only had the worst start in franchise history and fell well short of the worst start in NBA history (thanks for setting the bar so high, 2008-2009 Nets!). Oh, and they managed to not go winless in November, so that's something, right?

If you watched the game last night against the Blazers, then you know it wasn't pretty, but hey: a win's a win. And now that this one's in the books, they can focus on trying to beat teams instead of beating demons.

Let us revel in the happiness of the first win of the year:

And this was just nuts: