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Highlights from Andray Blatche's crazy radio interview

Andray Blatche's 106.7 The Fan interview was ... interesting.


Andray Blatche, as promised, went on 106.7 The Fan to talk about his comments ashing the Washington Wizards, and as expected, he didn't disappoint. The entire 25-minute interview will be posted on the 106.7 The Fan website soon, but here are some highlights from my transcribing, in order of when these things were said.

Blatche on the Wizards: "I can't remember not once anybody say, 'Give him a break. Let's try to pick him up. Or anything.' They were like, when things weren't starting well, they used me as an excuse."

Blatche on being out of shape: "I'm not necessarily blaming them for all my injuries. I could have done a lot more workouts, a lot more stuff in the pool to take off my legs. I could have done that. I learned a lot of stuff about pool workouts this summer."

Blatche on what the Wizards could have done: "There were certain situations with the fans and media that the team didn't help me out with ... They could have explained exactly what was going on. They could have had my back. It could have been anything ... That's not what you do with your family, or the brotherhood."

Blatche on his relationship with Ernie Grunfeld: "It was cool. It was alright. I'm not going to say it was good or bad. It was, I don't know ... I don't have no relationship wit him now. I don't like how he didn't have my back."

Blatche on why he signed his contract extension in 2011: "It's easy to be in someone's corner when things are good. That's the easiest thing in the world. I'm talking when things were bad. Things were going wrong. That's when you can tell when people are really on your side."

Blatche on whether he asked for help: "You don't think I asked for help? I'm asking, why is nobody having my back. Why is nobody explaining what I'm going through. Everybody was just saying, 'You just gotta play through it and things will turn around.' I tried, but it was tough. Nobody knows what I was going through."

Blatche on being amnesty'd: "To be honest with you, leaving that team was one of the biggest things that helped me out."

Blatche on if Ted Leonsis cares about winning: "I really think Ted is, definitely. This is how he carries himself. I can just tell what he's about when I talk to him. He's about winning. I have nothing against him."

Blatche on his reputation as a knucklehead: "That's my other point. For them to say, 'He's a bad teammate. He's a cancer in the locker room.' All that was a bunch of lies. That's what really made me mad. When they said all those rumors and put them in the media, that's what angered me. Who else would say that? None of my teammates would say that. [The media] can ask every last one of my teammates here, and I guarantee you what they say is completely different than what everyone else says."

Blatche on that 2010 incident with Flip Saunders: "I never refused to check back into the game."

Blatche on why he was out of shape last year: "To be honest, it was a couple different reasons, but they're not real reasons. One, it was a lockout ... to be honest with you, I was kind of making excuses. I was saying to myself, 'OK, I'm going to have this much more time' ... I had it in my head that there wasn't going to be a season."

And then it really went off the rails. Blatche challenged Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner to go over his non-basketball transgressions so he could respond to them. These did not go well. Some partial responses.

Blatche on soliciting a prostitute: "It was a joke gone bad. She was not dressed as a prostitute." He said they were just talking to her outside the club, they weren't actually trying to pick her up.

Blatche on Lapdance Tuesday: "Lapdance Tuesday is not a strip club." He said it was a regular club with a promotion.

Blatche on everything else: "The whole little Gil incident [with the torn-up suit and such]. That was me. That was me being stupid. As far as all that, didn't want back in the game, the finger guns and such, that's overdoing it."

Blatche on moving on: "I'm trying to move on. But every time I turn around, you've got a reporter talking about it in DC."

The show closed with Rouhier delivering an epic rant to Blatche's face about his time in D.C. "You were an embarrassment while you were here," he said. ... "Good riddance. .... Keep the Wizards' name out of your mouth." Then, both hosts thanked him profusely for coming on. Talk radio is weird, man.

We'll post audio once 106.7 The Fan comes up with it.

UPDATE: Here's the audio.