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Andray Blatche calls out the Washington Wizards

The former Washington Wizards' forward did not hesitate to bash his former team on Monday night.


As if the 0-12 Washington Wizards needed any more salt to be rubbed into their wounds, here comes Andray Blatche, bench player on a 9-4 Brooklyn Nets team, to spread some love. The Nets' big game against their crosstown rivals in Manhattan was evidently the right time for Blatche to bring back old memories.

It started before the game:

It apparently included a little more than just those words.

Then, the game happened, the Nets won, and Blatche was excited. When Blatche gets excited, he takes to Twitter. When he takes to Twitter, these kinds of things get tweeted.

Dray never finished that last thought (insert conditioning joke here), but one person did ask him to clarify a bit, and here was his response.

And now, it looks like Blatche may go on 106.7 The Fan this morning and trash the Wizards' organization some more. Stay tuned.

I suspect that many of you will use this opportunity to lash out at Blatche for his lack of culpability in this whole saga. (Keep in mind, of course, that he might just be trolling us all, which is a dick move, but at least means we shouldn't take these tweets at face value). Everyone is correct to say that Blatche dug his own grave here, even though the Wizards gave him many more chances than he deserved. Anger and snickering is understandable.

But unfortunately, Blatche kind of has the last laugh here. Without him, the Wizards are 0-12 and on the hook for paying him $23 million over the next three years. If there was anyone here or within the organization that honestly felt like removing Blatche from this locker room would make a profound difference, they have been disproven thus far.

Poor form? Absolutely. Making excuses for his own problems in D.C.? Absolutely. But he's clearly better off so far, and the Wizards are still the Wizards.