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Links: Wizards find another way to lose against the Bobcats

Yep, that photo pretty much sums it up.

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Kevin C. Cox

Alright, seriously, this is getting silly links:

  • The Bobcats really tried to give this one away, but the Wizards are just too gosh darn nice to take a win when it's handed to them. They've won zero games and lost 11, and found a new way to lose yesterday, 108-106 in double OT. Recaps from the home team's perspective: [Us | Washington Post (gamer, blog) | Washington Times | Washington Examiner (gamer, sidebar) | CSN Washington (recap, sidebar) | | Wizards Blog]
  • In beating the Wizards, the Bobcats became the fastest team in NBA history to reach their win total from the previous season. Recaps from their perspective: [Rufus on Fire | SB Nation | Charlotte Observer (gamer, sidebar) | AP | ESPN | Roberto Gato]
  • The Wizards keep coming up with ways to lose, which in itself might be more impressive than actually winning a game. 0-82 FTW?? [USA Today]
  • More game stuff. [Highlights | Hoopdata box score]
  • Postgame interviews. [Wittman | Nene | Webster | Beal | Crawford]
  • Mike wasn't very happy to see the Wizards playing not to lose rather than win with the game on the line.
  • At least this team seems to care that it's losing. That wasn't always so obvious in recent seasons. [Truth About It]
  • Randy Wittman said before the game that he wanted to limit Nene to 20 minutes a game, but that plan went out the window once it became clear the only way the Wizards even had a hope of winning was with him on the floor. [CSN Washington | Washington Post]
  • Friday marked the end of the original eight-week timetable John Wall's recovery was given back when the stress injury to his left knee was first announced, but Wall has yet to practice and Wittman has no idea when he will play. Wonderful. [Washington Examiner | CSN Washington | Truth About It]
  • There was a lot of movement and big trades over the offseason, but it's a little early to tell which one will pay off the most. [Washington Post]
  • Ted's links the above article as evidence that change doesn't always immediately lead to positive gains. Fair enough. But all the teams that made changes (and those that didn't) have at least three wins. The Wizards have none. [Ted's Take]
  • Being 0-12, the Wizards are bad at a lot of things. Most things. Pretty much everything. Except perimeter defense. That they've done just fine. [SB Nation DC]
  • What's this, a nuanced critique of Ernie Grunfeld? Nice to see someone point out that Grunfeld has actually drafted decent players during his tenure in Washington (or at least players that everyone considered decent on draft day). The problem has been how those players have been developed, or not developed, as it were. [Wiz of Awes]
  • As if it weren't already obvious, the Bobcats are much improved from last season, and serve as another indictment on the inability of the Wizards' brass to make even marginal improvements season-to-season. [Charlotte Observer]
  • Awesome story on the Nets and the return of professional sports to Brooklyn. [Washington Post]
  • Someone should tell Royce White that it's best to take the high road when waging a PR war against a professional sports franchise, especially when not doing so results in an off base Twitter rant against a universally-respected NBA writer. [SB Nation]
  • Roundups of yesterday's NBA games. [SB Nation]